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Train for your A game with the Sony Smart B-Trainer™

Press release   •   Jul 24, 2015 10:10 BST

With the Smart B-Trainer™, Sony introduces the ideal companion for the modern runner, effectively replacing all conventional running gadgets that have come to clutter the otherwise minimalistic sport in recent times. A convenient all-in-one solution, the Smart B-Trainer™ can be easily controlled using the “Smart B-Trainer for Running” app from your Smartphone, and goes well beyond the boundaries of normal sports headphones to include various training programmes, voice coaching and multi-sensor capabilities including heart rate[1], turning your gruelling run into a fun and focused exercise experience.

Free to run

With its waterproof, non-slip, wireless neckband-style design, the Smart B-Trainer™ seamlessly wraps over your ears providing a secure, snug fit. And at just 43 grams it allows you to focus on the challenge ahead while you listen to your favourite fitness tunes without any interruptions.

From companion to coach

The Sony Smart B-Trainer™’s true strengths come to light when looking at its multi-sensor capabilities as it incorporates 6 sensors[2] that record 11 types of running logs – heart rate, burned calories, distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route and elevation. This will effectively replace any gadget you could wish for during your battles against the clock. The integrated microphone that allows you to answer calls and record memos on the run is but the tip of the iceberg that elevates this gadget from a simple set of great sounding headphones to a full-blown running mate.

Run with the beat

Everything in the Smart B-Trainer™ is geared towards providing the ideal running experience; and music is no exception. As such, the Sony Smart B-Trainer™ will automatically select tunes that best reflect the tempo that you should be running at. For instance, a song with slower tempo will be automatically selected if your heart rate is too high guiding you to slow down and vice versa when your heart rate is lower than the targeted pulse. The necessary music tempo analysis is carried out by Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis technology, which extracts a variety of metadata through signal and statistical processing to analyse music waveforms. Additionally, you can even adjust the tempo of the song to match your mood at the time of running[3].

The integrated 16GB storage space provides enough space for approximately 3,900 songs[4] so you are sure to be spurred by your best boosting beats without having to carry your music player with you during your workout.

Take control of your fitness

Controlling your new running coach has never been easier, thanks to the “Smart B-Trainer™ for Running” app[5] that connects wirelessly to the Bluetooth® enabled Smart B-Trainer™. Once your account is set up, you can transfer the recorded running log from the trainer to the app to view the results and easily look back on your track record through graphs and comparisons with past accumulated records, best records, and trends.

While you can set up goals manually (time, distance, burned calories, pace, etc.), the app also provides a versatile selection of theme-based trainings (“Fat burning”, “Endurance” etc.) and training plans that give you a guided progression plan. This is how even running a marathon will no longer remain a dream, but become an achievable goal! Once set up, transfer your training plan to the Smart B-Trainer™ via Bluetooth® and begin training.

There is no need to take your phone with you on your run. After completing your workout, transfer your running log to the “Smart B-Trainer™ for Running” app to view results and avoid those unwanted distractions from the outside world.

As an added bonus, you can even use the Smart B-Trainer as music player while you are swimming[6].

The Smart B-Trainer™ will be available in blue, pink, yellow, black and white from July 2015. For more information please refer to

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In future you will be even able to take your workout to a professional level by synchronising your Smart B-Trainer™ with MY ASICS Training Plan[7] developed by ASICS, the “True Sport Performance Brand”. Training plans created in MY ASICS can be experienced in real-time on the Smart B-Trainer™ after which you can store and manage your running logs. Simply enter the necessary details in MY ASICS, such as your current level, sex, age and training frequency to set six different periods, including Speed Training Period and Full Run Period. This way you can truly step up your game and elevate your training to a professional level.

Selected technical specifications[i]

Name Smart B-Trainer / SSE-BTR1
Waterproof specifications IPX5 / IPX8*1*2*3
Memory Storage 16GB*4
Microphone Internal microphone ●(Monaural)
Audio recording function Voice memo function Approx 10 to 120 seconds per recording
Sensor Internal sensor Heart rate*5, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, barometer
Measurable data Heart rate
Calories burned ●*6 (Calculated using the "METs" method)
Distance ●*6
Speed ●*6
Pace ●*6
Pitch ●*6
Steps ●*6
Stride ●*6
Running route ●*7
Elevation ● *8 (Calculated by measuring the change in atmospheric pressure)
Music playback Files that can be played MP3, WMA*9, ATRAC, Linear PCM*10, AAC*9
Playback mode During training: Playback synced with heart rate training / Shuffle playback
Audio playback only (not during training): Normal playback / Shuffle playback
Number of songs that can be stored by bit rate*11 MP3 MP3 128kbps/Approx. 3,900 songs
Linear PCM 1411 kbps/Approx. 360 songs
Headphones Headphone output Frequency properties: 20 to 20,000 Hz
High-quality sound technology 9mm EX headphones
Connection interface USB Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant)
Bluetooth® Communication method: Bluetooth® standard specification version 4.0
Output: Bluetooth® standard specification Power Class 2
Maximum communication distance: Approx. 10m*12 (line-of-sight distance)
Used frequency band: 2.4 GHz (2.4000 GHz to 2.4835 GHz)
Supported Bluetooth® profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP/HSP, SPP
Supported codecs: SBC, AAC
Power related Power Internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery*14
Charging time Approx. 1.5 hours*14
Battery life*15 While a training menu is in progress GPS enabled: Approx. 3 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 4.5 hours (Bluetooth® enabled)
GPS enabled (Stamina mode): Approx. 3.5 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 5.5 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
GPS disabled: Approx. 4 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 6 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
Audio playback only (No training in progress) GPS enabled: Approx. 3.5 hours (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 5 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
GPS disabled: Approx. 6 hours*15 (Bluetooth® enabled) / Approx. 13.5 hours (Bluetooth® disabled)
Dimensions/Weight Dimensions -
Approx. weight 43g
Other Comes with: Device (1) / ear piece (2 sets for each size: S, M, L, LL) / Ear piece for underwater usage (2 sets for each size: S, M, L, LL)*2*3 / Heart rate sensor adjustment cover (2 sets for each size: S, M, L)*5 / Adjustment band (1) / USB cradle (1) / Carrying pouch (1) / Start guide (1) /Important notice (1) / Warranty (1)
Operating environment Operating temperature 5~35℃
Operating environment (Device)*18*19 OS*17 Microsoft Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 8.1 Pro / Windows® 8 / Windows® 8 Pro / Windows® 7 SP1 or later (Starter/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate) / Windows Vista® SP2 or later (Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate), Mac OS® X v10.6 or later
CPU 1GHz or greater (2.6Ghz or greater recommended for video playback on a computer)
Memory 1GB or more (2GB or more recommended for Windows® 8 64 bit)
Internet connection (recommended) Internet Explorer 7 or later
Operating environment (App) Supported OS/devices Smartphone running Android 4.1 or later, or iPhone/iPod running iOS 7 or later
Colours Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink

For more information, please contact Hope&Glory PR: or 0207 566 9747

[1] Pulse measurement is the generally recommended method of determining your heart rate, which is a rough indicator of intensity of exercise. This device uses a built-in sensor to measure the pulse from your ear. Results of those measurements are used to monitor the amount of exercise done or for “heart rate training”. “Pulses” here expresses “heart rate” to make it easier for users to understand. Heart Rate Training is a type of training that uses the heart rate. You can see how hard you are exercising by looking at your heart rate during exercise. It is possible to achieve effective yet safe training results by managing and controlling the intensity of training based on your heart rate.

[2] heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS, compass, gyroscope and barometer

[3] Supported in the Basic Training Plan where you can set time and distance.

[4] When only music is transferred to the built-in memory (calculated as 1 song = 4 minutes, 128kbps).

[5] The “Smart B-Trainer™ for Running” app is available on Google Play and the App Store from June 2015. Display and features are slightly different for Android version and iOS versions. Only Android version app can be used without SSE-BTR1. An update for iOS version app is planned later in the year so that it can be used without the device.

[6]Coaching and similar functionalities are not available while swimming.

[7]Collaboration with My ASICS is available for selected countries.

[i]*1 JIS waterproof grade IPX8 (level of protection against water exposure): In-house test by Sony has proven that the product (with underwater ear piece fit) functions without any problems when underwater (2.0m deep) for 30 minutes. JIS waterproof grade IPX5 (level of protection jet flow): In-house test by Sony has proven that the product could withstand being sprayed directly by water from all directions at a pace of 12.5L/min. for 3 minutes from approx. 3 meters away. The waterproof capabilities are applicable towards fresh water, tap water, sweat and pool water. If the device gets caught with other liquids (such as soap, shampoo, seawater), immediately clean it with fresh water and dry it with soft cloth.

*2 If the ear piece is not fit completely in your ear, water can enter from the gaps and sound can become hard to hear. Select the appropriate ear piece that fits both of your ears and make sure they are fit well. If water enters, place the part that faces your ear in a downward direction and lightly hit it 5 to 10 times to remove the water. If water cannot be removed, remove the ear piece, cover the device with a dry cloth and lightly hit it 5 to 10 times.

*3 When using under water, Bluetooth® and certain measuring functions (heart rate, barometer, GPS, etc.) cannot be used since they will not operate properly.

*4 Total storage space that can be used for storing/managing measurement and song/audio data.

*5 In general, it is recommended to measure your pulse to get the heart rate which provides a rough indication of your exercise intensity. This product calculates your "pulse rate" from your ears using an internal sensor and applies the results to measure your exercise level and provide "heart rate training". For simplicity, "pulse rate" is referred to as "heart rate".

*6 Measurement is possible when running, jogging and walking. For other exercises and body movements, measurement may not be accurate depending on the operating status.

*7 Depending on the GPS reception status, measurement and display may not be accurate.

*8 As changes in atmospheric pressure are used for the calculation, measurement may not accurate depending on the weather, temperature, outside air pressure, and other external factors. In addition, as setting an absolute value for elevation is difficult, please use this feature as a rough guideline.

*9 Copy protected audio files (for example, Chaku-Uta Full® and Chaku-Uta Full Plus® songs purchased and downloaded from music sites) cannot be played back on this device.

*10 Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz / Quantization bit rate: Support for 16 bit

*11 In the case that songs are only transferred to the internal memory (assuming 1 song is 4 minutes)

*12 The communication distance is a rough estimate. The distance may change depending on the surrounding environment.

*13 USB power (Powered from a computer by connecting the included USB cradle).

*14 When charging from a USB connector of a computer.

*15 Rough guideline when continuously operating under the listed settings and conditions. The battery life may change depending on device settings/status, usage and surrounding temperature.

*16 During A2DP streaming mode.

*17 Supports only standard installation of operating systems.

*18 Support for custom-built computers are not guaranteed.

*19 If you use a computer running Windows®, use and install Media Go included in the device memory. The device cannot be recognized if you use SonicStage Ver.5.1 or earlier.       

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