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The world’s first 9.1ch digital surround wireless headphones system

Press release   •   Apr 02, 2014 08:00 BST

Get a cinematic sound experience all to yourself in the comfort of your home with the new MDR-HW700DS digital surround wireless headphones system from Sony.

Explosive surround sound is delivered via the world’s first 9.1ch digital surround headphones. Adding more depth to the headphones system is a choice of sound effect modes that allow you to optimise the listening quality for movies, gaming or news and talk shows. You can enjoy premium detailed uncompressed multi-channel surround sound via the digital wireless transmission that eliminates noise and interference from other devices in the home.

Exclusive to Sony, Virtualphones Technology (VPT)[ii] reproduces the soundstage of multi-channel speakers to create an immersive acoustic space with refined and authentic surround sound. In addition to the 5.1ch surround speaker, surround-back (2ch) and front-high speakers (2ch) create a 9.1ch surround sound that delivers a realistic and expressive listening experience. Surrounding you in three dimensional directions creates a sense of depth making you feel a part of a virtual reality at home.

The HDMI connection[iii] supports degradation-free sound quality by uncompressed audio transmission. The dual band connection, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, allow smooth wireless transmission without any disruptions, giving you the freedom to move without having to compromise on sound quality.

The choice of enhanced ‘Cinema’, ‘Game’ and ‘Voice’ selectable effect modes provide completely new and sensational experiences in enjoying a realistic entertainment experience. The ‘Cinema’ mode was created with the support of Sony Pictures Entertainment and its Academy Award® winning Supervising Sound Editor Tom McCarthy[iv]. This mode ensures an authentic cinema sound experience and virtual sound arena that is based on an analysis of the prestigious sound mixing stages used for the production of major motion pictures.

The special mode developed for game fans reproduces accurate sound fields developed with the expertise of sound designers from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Combining the layered sounds of the game with clear voice audio gives ‘Game’ mode a powerful punch. Using this mode, gaming becomes a more life-like experience through the sound localisation and balanced output of the right and left channels. The ‘Voice’ effect mode enhances the clarity of speech, making watching your favourite TV shows more engaging.

The MDR-HW700DS headphones are crafted for a comfortable fit over long periods of use with pressure-relieving luxury ear cushions. The 50mm driver units provide deep bass and impressive sound power. Continuous use is no problem with a battery-life of up to 12 hours and fast recharge.

The headphones are outstanding in their compatibility with the 4K technology. The MDR-HW700DS allows native 4K video content[v] to be passed through in its original quality to a 4K TV or projector, allowing you to experience the full 4K quality while listening via the digital surround  wireless headphones system.

The Sony new Home Wireless Headphones range has a solution to offer for everyone: the MDR-HW300K with uncompressed digital-wireless transmission, as well as the MDR-RF811RK entry-level wireless headphones with 28 hours of battery life.

The new MDR-HW700DS, MDR-HW300K and MDR-RF811RK wireless headphones systems from Sony are available in the UK from April 2014.

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Driver Unit

50mm (Dome Type)

40mm (Dome Type)

40mm (Dome Type)

Frequency Response



20Hz- 20,000Hz

Surround Effect






Decoding Format

Dolby TrueHD, DTS, Linear PCM 2ch/5.1ch/7.1ch, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital , DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS Express, DTS Digital Surround, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24



Carrier Frequency

2.4GHz band (2412MHz/2438MHz/2464MHz)


FM stereo

5.2GHz band (5180MHz/5210MHz/5240MHz)

5.8GHz band (5736MHz/5762MHz/5814MHz)

Signal Reception Distance[vi]

Approx. 30m

Approx. 30m

Approx. 100m

Audio Input(s)

HDMI Input x3

Analog (Stereo mini plug)

Analog (Stereo mini plug)

Optical Digital Input (rectangular type) x1

Analog Input Pin jack (L/R) x1

Weights (Approx.)

Digital surround processor: 430g

Transmitter: 70g

Transmitter: 37 g

Headphones: 320g (incl battery)

Headphones: 190g (incl battery)

Headphones : 270g (incl. battery)

Dimension (Approx.)

220 X 32 X 157mm

75 x 18 x 75mm

108 x 128 x 108 mm

Battery charge time and life (fully charged)

3 hours charge - 12 hours life

3 hours charge - 10 hours life

16 hours charge - 13 hours life
Sony alkaline battery (AAA size) 28 hours

Battery Charge Method

USB charging

USB charging

Supplied cable

Supplied accessories

AC Adaptor x1

AC Adaptor x1

AC adaptor x1

USB cable x1

Connection cable x1

Rechargeable nickel-metal

Optical cable x1

USB cable x1

hybrid battery x1