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The next level of entertainment – New Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Players and Home Cinema systems now available

Press release   •   May 09, 2012 18:00 BST

Now seeing really is believing

Suspending disbelief, losing yourself in the moment… it’s what great entertainment is all about, and with Sony’s new Blu-ray Disc™ players and Home Cinema systems you can experience it like never before.

Picture quality is sharper and clearer than ever, regardless of whether you’re watching via a Blu-Ray Disc™, a DVD box set, or catch-up TV streamed from the Internet. Even the YouTube™ videos are improved close to HD quality.

For true picture quality purists, the BDP-S790 Blu-ray Disc™ player can upscale movies to Digital Cinema 4K resolution. Considered ‘the next generation of High Definition’, this new format offers over four times greater resolution than current Full HD. Your eyes are in for a treat!

Setting new standards in sound

Enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbuster in 3D surround sound, or recline with a more intimate, understated TV drama thanks to smoother and purer audio from the new Home Cinema Systems.

A consistent listening experience is delivered thanks to a cutting-edge software option that automatically adjusts sudden spikes in sound – including those blaring adverts! By focusing the sound level on dialogue, rather than audio effects such as music or explosions, it maintains a comfortable acoustic level.

Another key feature is enhanced auto calibration, enabling you to enjoy the optimum audio experience, regardless of where the speakers are placed.

In addition, all new N-Series Home Cinema Systems are equipped with innovative Magnetic Fluid speakers. Not only do these deliver virtually flawless, distortion-free sound, they’re also more energy-efficient and compact than traditional speakers.

Even more spoilt for choice

With Wi-Fi built into more Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Players and Home Cinema Systems than ever before, it is easy to access, enjoy and share an even wider world of online entertainment through your LED TV.

The Sony Entertainment Network – a vast offering of movies on demand, music, sports, catch-up TV and online videos with channels like iPlayer, Video Unlimited and YouTube™ - is the focal point of the entertainment offering.

Whether you’re watching the latest film, or listening to your favourite song, in-depth information about the content is available through the Sony Entertainment Network at the touch of a button.

And what if you’ve got music and photos on your Smartphone or tablet that you’d rather enjoy on a grander scale? The new ‘throw’ function allows content to be transferred to Blu-ray Disc™ Player or Home Cinema System quickly and easily. The same goes for movies, music or photos stored on a PC, which can be quickly accessed via the home network and played on the big screen.

For total convenience, Smartphones can even be set up as a remote control for the entertainment system, acting as a keyboard for online surfing, or allowing you to easily adjust settings.

It’s all part of Sony’s goal to make the entertainment experience as effortless, varied and immersive as possible.

An exciting new chapter in home entertainment

Ben Law, Product Marketing Manager said: “The way we enjoy entertainment has changed and our new Blu-ray Disc™ Players and Home Cinema Systems for 2012 reflect this. Our new product design maximises the aesthetic appeal of the range, new speaker technology ensures all content sounds great, and video can be up-scaled to Digital Cinema 4k resolution.

“Accessing online content through the Sony Entertainment Network can be done at the touch of a button, and even low resolution video will look great on a big screen thanks to our Internet Picture Enhancer. It all helps ensure you can experience the best content, more easily, and in better quality, than ever before.”

The 2012 range of Sony Blu-ray players and Home cinema systems are in store now.


2012 3D Blu-ray Disc™ players


So much more than a movie player


3D so immersive, you’ll feel like one of the cast


Enter another dimension of style


Give your movie collection the red carpet treatment

· Access a world of online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

· Download apps for more online options

· Stylish and compact at only 320mm wide

· Experience 2D and 3D movies in Full HD including DVD

· Stream on-demand films, catch-up TV and music through Sony Entertainment Network

· Connect to your PC to stream movies, videos and music

· Watch movies in crisp, clear Full HD 3D

· Access apps and a world of online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

· Control from your Smartphone

· Improved picture with Digital Cinema 4K – over 4x Full HD resolution and 3D Super Bit Mapping

· Access apps and a world of online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

· Make free face-to-face calls with Skype™

2012 2.1 Home Cinema systems with Blu-ray 3D™


Bring the cinema experience into your home


The simplicity of streaming, the power of surround sound

· Watch Full HD 3D Blu-ray™ movies and DVDs

· Enjoy cinematic surround sound at home

· Ready to stream entertainment from the web & PC

· Enjoy 3D Surround Sound from Magnetic Fluid speakers

· Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

· Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping

2012 5.1 Home Cinema systems with Blu-ray 3D™


Take your seat for true cinema surround sound


Big on movies? Get the big cinema sound with two tall speakers


Upgrade your Home Cinema experience with sharper sound & vision

· Watch High Definition movies in 3D

· Ready to stream movies, TV and music from the Web or your PC.

· Browse the web and add your own apps

· 1000W HD surround sound with 2x tall speakers

· Watch High Definition movies in 3D

· Enjoy music through a dock for iPod® and iPhone®

· Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

· Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping

· Advanced automatic speaker calibration


Give your movies more magic with the freedom of wireless speakers

· Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

· 1000W wireless rear speakers means less cable clutter

· Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping

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