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Studio to Stereo - Proud Galleries and Sony present an exhibition that showcases never-before-seen photography of leading music acts

Press release   •   Nov 14, 2014 12:58 GMT

Proud Galleries and Sony present an exhibition that showcases
never-seen-before photography of leading music acts alongside the stunning sound of their recorded tracks in Hi-Res Audio

Opens at Proud Camden Stables from 20th November and runs until 3rd December 2014 – it has been expertly curated by Alex Proud featuring narration from radio DJ Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music)

Exhibiting rare behind-the-scenes photographs captured in the recording studio of seven iconic albums

Visitors will listen to Hi-Res Audio tracks of bands recording at that moment in time – music as the artist intended it to be heard – in an interactive gallery featuring a line-up of the latest Sony Hi-Res Audio kit

Proud Galleries and Sony present an exhibition of iconic photographs that go behind-the-scenes and into the studio with some of the world’s most successful recording artists. The exhibition delivers a true experience of music as the artists intended and delves into the fastidious, compulsive and obsessive measures that artists explore to achieve the perfect sound.

Pioneers of High Resolution Audio - Sony, Proud Galleries and radio DJ Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music) are delighted to present this intriguing collection of photographs, never-before-seen in one exhibition.

The artists are captured by some of the most highly regarded photographers of the 20th Century (including Kevin Westenberg, Frank Lisciandro, Robert Whitaker, Andrew Whittuck, Matt Sav, Chris Walter and John Byrne Cooke) to a soundtrack of re-mastered tracks by The Doors, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan.

‘Studio to Stereo’ offers music enthusiasts the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of the making of some of the world’s greatest songs and listen to the studio experience in greater detail than ever before. Hi-Res Audio brings out the tracks with greater clarity and range even than vinyl.

From Frank Lisciandro’s fly-on-the wall photo-session with The Doors while they were making of their final album, LA Woman, recorded in the bands offices and workshop on Santa Monica Boulevard, Jim Morrison was reported to have recorded vocals in the building’s bathroom to get the perfect echo, to Matt Sav capturing precious moments with Tame Impala when Kevin Parker refused to reveal the positioning of his snare microphone in the room in which he records lest others emulate it, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to be immersed in the music as the artists intended it to be heard: the clarity of every reverberation, the depth of every note, the sound of the air moving in the space they chose to record in.

Studio to Stereo is a two week exhibition that has been co-curated by Alex Proud of Proud Galleries in partnership with Sony.

Alex recalls; “Listening in Hi-Res Audio while looking through the exhibition edit inspired the collection of photographs we have curated, it evoked a whole new experience of the songs.

“Through this exhibition I’ve been able to explore the different and unique ways that artists set themselves up in the studio – you can now hear and see the magic. The rooms they choose, the way they set up the instruments and spread themselves across the space, the clothes they wear and the look they project while they’re recording, it all has an effect on the end sound”.

It is this meticulous obsession that Studio to Stereo seeks to explore visually and sonically, presenting the music as the artist intended it. Radio DJ Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music) also compiled comments from the artists and studio engineers themselves to get stories about the bands’ studio experiences. Tom also selected the tracks to be played alongside each of the photographs.

Tom Ravenscroft comments, “As a bit of music obsessive, it’s a treat to be given the opportunity to listen to music as the artist intended while they were making it and with Sony Hi-Res Audio you can do just that. The Studio to Stereo exhibition provides a stunning sensory experience.

Exploring these classic songs from some of the world’s greatest artists in Hi-Res Audio was like listening to them fresh from the studio – and that in turn meant that I could pick up subtleties, hear details I’d missed previously. It is a fab experience for music fans - bringing the imagery and sound together.”

The imagery, accompanied by the tracks that were being made at the time the photographs were shot includes:

The Doors recording LA Woman at “The Doors Workshop”, 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles in 1971, Photographs by Frank Lisciandro. In the winter of 1970-71, the Doors hibernated inside their rehearsal studio in West Hollywood to create L.A. Woman. The album was mixed in only two weeks with Jim Morrison purportedly having recorded vocals in the building’s bathroom to get the perfect echo. Frank Lisciandro remembers Morrison being “…the most relaxed I’d ever seen him in a studio. He was in an optimistic mood. I think the absence of Paul Rothchild gave him an opportunity to step forward as a bandleader.

Coldplay recording X&Y at Air Lyndhurst, London; Parr Street, Liverpool CRC, Chicago; Sarm West, London; Townhouse, London and The Hit Factory, NYC, Photographs by Kevin Westenberg in 2004. The making of X&Y is an example of the lengths that artists will go to in producing a perfect album; the album took 18 months to make and the band recorded in eight different studios across five cities in the US and UK. It is an album during which artists crossed continents to produce a “definitive” work.

Tame Impala recording at home and beyond by Kevin Parker, Photographs by Matt Sav in 2010. KevinParker is a one-man powerhouse of recording, playing all the instruments for his second album (appropriately entitled “Lonerism”) on which he sings and drums, plays guitar and keyboard. The process, he claims, dates back to his recording drums onto a tape deck recorder at the age of 12 before using a second to record a playback with Parker creating a keyboard track over the top. It remains a passion as he is quoted as saying: “I do love the idea of getting an awesome drum sound. I spend literally months on them”.

The music is showcased on a range of Sony Hi-Res Audio equipment – demonstrating the sheer number of ways that music fans can bring the clearest digital audio experience into their homes and take the music experience on the road.

There are six different ‘Stables’, each taken over by a different exhibit – expertly paired with Sony Hi-Res Audio equipment for the best possible audio experience:

Stable 1 – Bob Dylan, Mr Tambourine Man and Gates of Eden from “Bringing It All Back Home” experienced on MDR-Z7 headphones with a ZX1 Walkman plus PHA-3 (DAC)

Stable 2 – Coldplay, A Sky Full of Stars and Magic from “Ghost Stories” experienced on MDR-1ADAC headphones with an Xperia Z3

Stable 3 – Pink Floyd, Keep Talking and High Hopes from “Division Bell” experienced on Portable DAC (PHA-3) with the NWZ-A15 Walkman and MDR-1A headphones

Stable 4 – The Doors, L’America and Riders On The Storm from LA Women experienced on NWZ-A15 Walkman and MDR-1A headphones

Stable 5 – Tame Impala, Be Above It and Elephant from “Lonerism” experienced on the HAP-S1 with MDR-Z7 headphones

Stable 6 –

o Black Sabbath, Planet Caravan from “Paranoid” experienced on the SRS-X9 speaker and the NWZ-A15 Walkman

o Black Sabbath, War Pigs from “Paranoid” experienced on with the MAP-S1 and two SS-HW1 speakers

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Notes to Editors

*please notify us of which shots you plan to use as we will need to obtain written permission to publish them, we will provide the Hi-Res image*

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