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Sony reveals the ‘hidden gems’ of London, Birmingham and Bristol with the Cybershot™ DSC-RX1, a must have for any street photographer

Press release   •   Jul 15, 2013 12:47 BST

he camera, which boasts 24.3 effective megapixels for flawless, detail packed photos and Full HD video, was used to capture street style photography in London, Birmingham and, the spiritual home of street art, Bristol.

Starting in London, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, Lee explored parts of the city’s landscape that are only ever seen by its natives - capturing graffiti in the East End, the hipster scene of Camden Town and London’s cultural centre of the South Bank.

Moving onto Birmingham, he found England’s second largest city to be just as satisfying to shoot, with a myriad of interesting locations to shoot, including reminders of the past, intertwined with modern touches.

Using their specialist knowledge and tapping into personal experiences of shooting on city locations with the RX1, Lee and Aimee have outlined top tips for shooting street photography, ensuring that impactful images are captured to show areas in an unforgettable ‘new light’

Lee Strickland’s top tips for shooting street photography:

  • Spontaneity – Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous, sometimes the shots you take on the fly can be your best work
  • Be open minded – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what makes a good shot for one person could be completely different for another
  • Go it alone – Street photography can be very therapeutic, it’s easy to get lost in the moment doing something you enjoy
  • Don’t be afraid of a little rain - Use the conditions to your advantage, people tend to think bad weather can ruin a shot, making it appear dull and dreary, however street photography is all about the here and now and the effect of rain can sometimes make the shot
  • It’s not all about colour – Even the mundane and banal can look interesting on print, so don't discount anything - give the subject a chance to develop, it might surprise you

Speaking about his experience shooting London and Birmingham with the RX1, Lee Strickland said “The RX1 is a great camera to shoot with, especially when shooting street photography from the hip. The main feature that really makes this camera stand out for me is its full size sensor, which gives you ability to shoot raw files with the picture quality of a DSLR.”

While Lee rediscovered London and Birmingham, Aimee Turner explored the South West city of Bristol, a city that enjoys a mixture of old and new architecture ranging from medieval to the very sleek surroundings of Millennium Square. The clean feel to the city made it an ideal place to shoot for this project, with hard landscapes of varying style buildings creating a dynamic contrast of the many green and tranquil park areas such as Queen’s Square.

Aimee Turner commented on the RX1:“The fact the camera has all the same features as a full size DSLR camera, at a fraction of the size and weight, means you can get all the great shots you would with a DSLR without having to carry a chunky camera around with you”

Aimee Turner’s top tips for shooting street photography:

  • Lighting - Consider where the light is coming from and how the subject is lit. Sources of light can include the sun or moon, streetlights, shop windows, car headlights or reflected light from hard surfaces and water.
  • Composition - Consider the focal point and depth of field, the subject and background, the framing, angles and distance. Consider your position in relation to the subject; changing your position and the angle or height of the shot can increase the interest
  • Camera settings - Set the camera to optimal resolution. Consider changing the picture effect, colour and speed settings. Do you need to change the lens or use a flash?
  • Angles - Explore the area and look all around for different perspectives. Creative shots can be found everywhere;use your imagination and have fun
  • Photographer - Be prepared and work safely; be confident and adventurous; have patience and practice

Far smaller and lighter than any full-frame DSLR, the RX1 offers superb imaging quality that’s previously been the domain of high-end professional DSLR cameras. The unified lens/body design assures razor-sharp alignment of the sensor and optical components, bringing out the full potential of the lens to deliver unprecedented image quality, right to the very edges of each frame.

Recently announced, Sony has introduced the new Cyber-shot™ RX1R which will accompany its sister version, the acclaimed Cyber-shot™ RX1. Building on the outstanding imaging power of the RX1, the RX1R takes pixel-perfect picture quality to new heights, removing the low-pass filter, guaranteeing flawless capture of fine details without any blurring or dispersion.

Top tips for shooting with the RX1

  • Use the live view on manual mode to see exactly what shot you will get before you press the shutter
  • Shoot in the jpeg + raw setting, this will save you time when viewing and editing images after shooting
  • In macro mode use the half depress shutter to focus and change your framing
  • Try using manual focus to save you time when moving from one shot to the next
  • Try shooting into the light, the multi-coated Carl Zeiss lens helps the camera handle exceptional flare
  • Play with picture effects, colour and speed settings to make the shot more interesting

In addition, the RX1R is compatible with TRILUMINOS Colour technology, ensuring even richer, more natural colours when viewing stills and video on the new generation of BRAVIA televisions featuring TRILUMINOS Display. Videographers can also add an optional stereo microphone, allowing Full HD movie soundtracks to be captured with even greater clarity.

The Cyber-shot™ RX1R full-frame compact camera is available in the UK from August 2013.

For any further information, images or if you would like to speak to either Lee Strickland or Aimee Turner about their pictures, street photography or their experience using the Sony Cybershot™ DSC-RX1, contact Hannah Brudenell from the Cake team on or alternatively

1 Among compact digital still cameras. According to Sony research, as of September 12, 2012.

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