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Sony receivers combine legendary ES quality with

Press release   •   Sep 01, 2010 16:22 BST

Sony today announces two new high-end receivers – the STR-DA5600ES and STR-DA3600ES - building on the ES reputation for superb audio quality, and meticulous design and construction. The two new products enable even better home cinema sound, plus state of the art features such as 3D pass-through, DLNA connectivity for networked audio and video and internet radio.

Both models feature:

·         3D pass-through on HDMI, even when on standby, and Audio Return Channel

·         Digital Cinema Auto Calibration for the best possible sound

·         DLNA network audio/video capability, with a built-in four-way Ethernet hub

·         1080p video upscaling

·         On-screen GUI for simple  operation

STR-DA5600ES: total connectivity, total technology, total quality

The 120W per channel STR-DA5600ES is built to produce top end audio quality and sound tuning.

Features include:

·         Six HDMI inputs provided, one on the front panel for quick set up, along with two further outputs. The STR-DA5600ES features 3D pass-through, even when the receiver is turned off, and Audio Return Channel to carry sound back from the TV to the receiver -  HDMI 3D pass-through and ARC are available on the receiver’s HDMI A output.

·         Sony-developed H.A.T.S. system features, which tackles digital jitter, for smooth, detailed audio when used with the SCD-XA5400ES.

·         The latest Sony auto-calibration technology, DCAC-EX, is used, providing Speaker Relocation to compensate for less-than-ideal room layouts and Automatic Phase Matching for even better speaker integration. HD-D.C.S. processing now supports the use of front height speakers for a more cinema-like experience, based on measurements taken in the Cary Grant Theatre at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Hollywood.

·         The STR-DA5600ES operates as a DLNA client for music, video and photos streamed over a home network, but it also receives internet radio and can even stream analogue sources to other DLNA-compliant devices. And with a four-port Ethernet hub built-in, it makes connecting all content to a complete system simple.

·         1080p video upscaling is provided to make the most of standard-definition sources, and the STR-DA5600ES supports all the latest high-definition surround audio codecs along with Dolby Pro Logic IIz. It will even give 1080i upscaling to a second zone.


Features include:

·         With four HDMI inputs and one output, complete with 3D pass-through, power-off pass-through and Audio Return Channel, the STR-DA3600ES delivers 100W per channel. It has full DLNA client capability, along with a built-in four-port Ethernet hub for easy connectivity.

·         Sony DCAC speaker calibration is provided, with Automatic Phase Matching and HD-D.C.S. processing for a more immersive home cinema experience. There’s 1080p video upscaling along with on-screen set-up and adjustment. The ability to provide video and audio to a second zone, plus audio to a third, completes the specification.

Both receivers will be available in October 2010.