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Sony Presents the World’s First ‘Real Time Gallery’ Experience

Press release   •   Nov 13, 2012 09:00 GMT

Sony is creating the world’s first real time digital photography exhibition, allowing visitors to appreciate the work of three photographers from the moment the shots are taken. The experience invites visitors to immerse themselves in the cultures of London, Paris and Berlin as local photographers capture their journeys one evening and transport them into a gallery in central London.

Sony has partnered with three photographers, based in these iconic cities across Europe, who have been set the creative task of ‘capturing the light’ of their home cities. They have each been armed with Sony’s latest NEX-5R camera, complete with built in Wi-Fi allowing them to send photos directly to the gallery in London from their separate locations across Europe.

The gallery walls will be filled with screens that will broadcast the images as they are sent through in real time, creating an evolving and unpredictable exhibit that captures the individual spirit of each of the cities. Visitors can expect a breadth of images revealing the parallels and contrasts of each city and the people that live there.

Open for one night only, the unprecedented and innovative exhibition promises to transport visitors to the three iconic European cities, where they can sample the nightlife, witness the characters living there and experience the atmospheres that make each city unique.

“The Real Time Gallery is unlike any project I've ever worked on because it's so unpredictable,” said Lee Strickland, the photographer working from London. “I'll need to keep a really open mind when looking for shots that capture my imagination, but the immediacy will really give me an opportunity to show how diverse London is, and the stories that can be found if you're looking for them.

To attend the event, register for the guest list at and the first 100 people to arrive will be admitted entry.

DATE: Thursday 15th November

TIME: 6pm – late

WHERE: The Loading Bay Gallery, Unit 4-5, Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL


London - Lee Strickland

Paris – William Daniels

Berlin – Paul Sullivan

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