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Sony expands its Xplod car audio range with new in-car digital music systems: DSX-S200X and DSX-S300BTX

Press release   •   Apr 12, 2010 18:17 BST

  • New models of ‘Tune Tray’ in-car head unit
  • Two USB ports provide added storage flexibility with connections positioned both inside and outside the unit
  • Advanced Sound Engine creates the ideal in-car sound field with digital signal processing
  • Enhanced compatibility with Bluetooth® connection (DSX-S300BTX)

Following the success of the DSX-S100; the smart and unique portable player storage system announced at CES 2010. The Xplod® DSX-S300BTX and DSX-S200X now add even more options to Sony’s increasing range of in-car digital music players.

This range is a completely new car audio concept developed to match the growing digital listening trend.  Created uniquely for digital media players, this range provide seamless audio and storage solutions. Tailor the way you listen to music on the road with the flexible range of systems available to choose from.

With the “Tune Tray” from Sony, your digital music device gets a prominent place in the centre console yet also stores away discretely for neatness and safety in your car.  The front panel flips down to reveal the Tune Tray which allows you to neatly tuck away a USB drive, WALKMAN® or any iPod/iPod touch.

The new additions to the Xplod Tune Tray digital music system are the DSX-S300BTX and DSX-S200X.  They have a sleek detachable faceplate with a highly visible OEL 4-line display and a second USB connection.  For those who prefer to keep  for example a USB drive in the Tune Tray whilst carrying around another portable player or smart phone such as the iPhone that’s constantly updated with new tunes, the front and second USB connections come in quite handy.  The 4-line display allows you to access even more information and maintain the look and feel familiar to your digital music player.

Music selection is a breeze with the special features SensMe™ channels, ZAPPIN™ and Quick-BrowZer™ from Sony.  Using the same technology used on WALKMAN and VAIO. SensMe channels allows you to discover your music library in a completely different way. It can automatically sort music into different channels by ‘mood’ type such as Freeway, Morning Commute, Midnight Cruise, etc.  When you are not sure what you want to listen to, one touch of the “ZAP” button begins ZAPPIN or scanning and playing highlight clips of your music collection so you can catch the song that feels just right.  With Quick-BrowZer you can search by artist, album, genre, playlist, file or folder by simply rotating the volume dial and pressing to select.

Advanced Sound Engine is the original digital signal processing from Sony, which delivers the ideal in-car sound field. It contains features such as EQ7, Listening Position (Time Alignment), DM+ advanced, Rear Bass Enhancer and Dynamic Loudness.

The DSX-S300BTX goes one step further by increasing its device compatibility with Bluetooth connectivity.  You can synchronise up to 500 numbers from your phone address book to the internal memory of DSX-S300BTX and readily browse your contacts on the system’s display in order to make phone calls.  With Bluetooth, you can also stream music wirelessly. Talk hands free on your phone and you’re home free!

Experience a new style and way to enjoy your music on the road with the new in-car audio systems from Sony.  The DSX-S300BTX and DSX-S200X are available from September 2010.