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Sony and the Berliner Philharmoniker collaborate in technology development towards enhancing sound quality of Sony’s audio products, and more

Press release   •   Aug 29, 2012 15:45 BST

Sony Corporation (“Sony”) announced that it is collaborating with Berliner Philharmoniker, the world’s authority in classical concerts, and Berlin Phil Media (“these companies”) to pursue the technology development of higher sound quality across Sony’s audio products, and digital streaming of concert footage in higher picture and audio quality.

On top of pursuing superior visual and audio quality, these companies will develop concert hall soundstage mode, and recreate the sound that artists strive for in concert halls, towards enhancing the sound quality of audio products such as home theaters.

Since its inception in December 2008, Berlin Phil Media has been offering the digital streaming service, “Digital Concert Hall,” (“DCH”) for users to enjoy live Berliner Philharmoniker concerts, performed around 30 times an year, as well as past concert footage in their homes. Berlin Phil Media, with its expertise and knowhow in the concert hall environment and artist expression, has been undertaking shooting, editing, and distribution for DCH. With this new partnership, Sony will supply professional products, which incorporate its technologies, as well as provide technical support to realize a video streaming service with higher quality picture in full-HD. Furthermore, these companies will embark on technology development around content creation and digital distribution for higher visual and audio quality content on DCH.

This collaboration is one of Sony’s initiatives to pursue high quality picture and sound.

Key points of collaboration:

  • Sony will collaborate in sound evaluation and technology development, including working with tonmeister* from the sound creation stage, and aim to incorporate the fruits of this partnership into future audio products.
  • *Specialist with German certification who creates recordings or broadcasts of music who is both deeply musically trained and also who has a detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of virtually all aspects of sound recording.
  • Sony will work with director of Berlin Phil Media’s content creation at the shooting stage regarding picture evaluation and video presentation technology, and aim to incorporate this knowledge from DCH content creation into future product development, including consumer and professional devices.
  • Sony will supply and install its professional products, as well as offer technical support and after care services for the creation of high quality DCH content. Berlin Phil Media will use Sony’s high definition cameras and editing and encoding systems which incorporate Sony’s visual and audio technologies, and record content in high quality. In doing so, Sony will support the creation of high quality content and the reproduction of the concert hall experience which can be enjoyed at the home through the DCH.
  • These companies will continue to develop technologies to stream DCH content in enhanced high picture and audio qualities, utilizing Berlin Phil Media’s streaming platform, and thus provide more dynamic and live experience.
  • These companies will collaborate on various marketing efforts.

At IFA consumer electronics show to begin on August 31, Sony will exhibit 4K demo content shot at the world renowned Berlin Philharmonie concert hall at its booth, which was recorded with its camera and maximizes its video capturing knowhow. Visitors will be able to enjoy the Berliner Philharmoniker performances in the finest viewing and listening environment.

Comment by Masashi Imamura, President of Home Entertainment & Sound Business Group, and SVP, Corporate Executive, Sony Corporation:

“The partnership with Sony and the Berliner Philharmoniker is deeply rooted in their passion for music dating back to when the late Herbert von Karajan and the late Norio Ohga together unveiled the CD to the world. The Berliner Philharmoniker has been fostering the ability to perform superior music in the grandest of fashion, while Sony has been cultivating innovation in sound and video. By combining and further developing these unique and professional strengths, we aim to work with the Berliner Philharmoniker to create entertainment experiences which move the hearts of people around the world.”

Comment by Olaf Maninger, Principal Cellist and Media Chairman of the Berliner Philharmoniker:

“Sony is an ideal partner for the Berliner Philharmoniker. We both share the conviction that reproducing great performances of classical music needs outstanding audio-visual technology. This has also been our guiding principle in the development of our Digital Concert Hall. We very much look forward to continuing this path together now with Sony and to sharing the music of the Berliner Philharmoniker with a global audience using state-of-the-art technology.”

Comment by Sir Simon Rattle, Principal conductor of the Berliner Philharmoniker:

“We are thrilled that the relationship with Sony goes forward and renews itself in that Sony is supporting us by not only giving us new equipment, bringing us up to the fastest speed and quality that is there, but also that our Digital Concert Hall will be present as an integral part of a lot of Sony’s equipment. And it will be able to bring our music quicker, in better definition to more and more people. Sony is helping us to communicate, which is our most important work and dream.”

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