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Smooth and speedy: Sony introduces BDP-S6500 4K upscale Blu-ray Disc™ player with super Wi-Fi

Press release   •   Jun 25, 2015 07:00 BST

  • 4K Ultra HD advanced upscaling for all your videos[1]
  • Immersive 3D viewing, with auto upscaling from 2D
  • Smooth, speedy streaming with advanced super Wi-Fi
  • Responsive operation with Dual Core Processor
  • Clearer pictures and sound with IP Content Noise Reduction Pro and Digital Music Enhancer

From your treasured movie collection to a world of online entertainment: give your viewing a turbo-charged boost with the smart new BDP-S6500 Blu-ray Disc™ player from Sony.

If you’re connected to a compatible 4K television, 4K Ultra HD upscaling brings even more lifelike clarity to your viewing. A powerful video processor converts standard video signals closer to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) – that’s four times the pixel count of Full HD. With over 8 million pixels in the picture, you’ll enjoy sharply detailed images, even when you’re sitting closer to the screen.

The BDP-S6500 adds a fresh dimension to home entertainment with thrillingly lifelike 3D viewing. Connect to any 3D-capable TV and enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc titles with fabulous clarity and realism. Even 2D discs can be automatically upscaled to simulated 3D, delivering extra depth to your favourite movies.

Whether you’re watching movies on disc in HD or low-res web videos, the BDP-S6500 works hard to keep everything crisp, clean and pristine. IP Content Noise Reduction Pro uses clever picture noise reduction technologies to spring-clean images, while HD Reality Enhancer optimises textures and colours pixel-by-pixel. Pure Picture Control improves contrast for even more lifelike images, and Super Bit Mapping takes care of gorgeously even colour graduations – perfect for scenes like subtle sunsets that are often ruined by colour ‘banding’.

Browsing and streaming is smooth and satisfying thanks to advanced super Wi-Fi. The sophisticated multi-antenna design inside the player uses MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, ensuring a faster, more stable interference-free signal path for glitch-free streaming anywhere in the house.

You’ll enjoy access to a mouthwatering selection of online entertainment with movies and TV shows from PlayStation Video, plus other favourites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Inside the BDP-S6500 is a powerful Dual Core Processor that ensures supple, responsive operation. Web pages load quicker, while movies and online videos stream more quickly with smoother playback and fewer delays. Menu navigation is similarly crisp and snappy, getting you straight to great entertainment instead of waiting around for things to happen.

Movies and video don’t just look good, they sound great, too. Digital Music Enhancer combines three Sony audio technologies for immersive dialogue, movies and music. DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) works with Dynamic Range Recovery and Advanced Auto Volume to restore lost detail from compressed audio, boost dynamic range and prevent jarring jumps in volume.

The new BDP-S6500 Blu-ray Disc™ player from Sony is available in stores this month.

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Technical specifications


4K upscale Blu-ray Disc™ player with super Wi-Fi

4K UHD upscale for four times the detail of Full HD

Enhanced internet connection stability with advanced super Wi-Fi

Catch up TV and video on demand

Enjoy your smartphone on the big screen with Screen Mirroring

Dual core processor for even faster operation and navigation

Improved picture and sound with IP Content Noise Reduction Pro and Digital Music Enhancer

Enhanced intuitive menu system for easy access

Even more immersive entertainment in 3D

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[1]4K upscaling is compatible with 24P video content

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