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Shortlist revealed for 2016 Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s biggest photography competition

Press release   •   Feb 23, 2016 00:01 GMT

  • Record number of entries – 230,103 images, 33% increase on 2015
  • Entries from 186 countries – the most in the awards’ history
  • Over 1 million images entered since launch in 2007
  • Images to be shown at Somerset House, London 22nd April – 8th May
  • Overall winners revealed 21st April
  • Images available for publication at

"I was moved by the depth of passion and commitment the photographers show to society through their work" -
Dominique Green, Chair, Documentary Jury

The 2016 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s biggest photography competition, organised by the World Photography Organisation, today announces the shortlists for its Professional, Open and Youth competitions.

This year’s shortlist is defined by its sheer internationality, with over 270 photographers from nearly 60 countries being represented, the most in the awards’ nine-year history. Also significant was the substantial growth in the Professional competition, with entries up 45% on 2015.

A record-breaking 230,103 images were entered into the Professional, Open and Youth competitions from 186 countries. The total number of entries received by the Sony World Photography Awards since its launch has now surpassed 1 million images, reinforcing the awards’ position as one of the most respected and influential photography competitions in the world.

Recognising the best contemporary photography from 2015, the Honorary Jury, chaired by Dominque Green (Consultant, UK) and Sue Steward (Writer/ Curator, UK), have identified exceptional work by both emerging talent and seasoned photographers from all corners of the world.

Originality and a strong sense of empathy stood out for the judges across the shortlist. From the thousands of submissions, subtle themes also appeared for the judges – the delicate handling of intimate, private moments by photographers; the capturing of the major public stories dominating the news, from the conflict in the Ukraine to the endless lines of refuges in search of a better life in Europe; and the use of new technology to create work, including drone and underwater photography.

Included on the 2016 shortlist are those familiar to the awards: Christian Aslund (Sweden, winner 2013); Ed Kashi (United States, shortlist, 2013); David Chancellor (United Kingdom, shortlist 2011 and 2nd place 2012); Espen Rasmussen (Norway, shortlist 2010 and 2011); Jonathan Carvajal (Colombia, shortlist, 2015); Julia Fullerton-Batten (United Kingdom, shortlisted 2015); Ruben Salgado Escudero (Spain, winner 2015) and Fan Li (China, winner 2015).

All shortlisted photographers across the three competitions are listed below.

Scott Gray, CEO of the World Photography Organisation and organiser of the awards comments: We are extremely pleased with our jurors’ choices this year. Despite the increase in the number of photographers, and the amount of imagery that required judging, this year above all others we have witnessed a wealth of powerful imagery in the traditionally strong social documentary categories as well as the art and conceptual work. It is wonderful for the medium that it can offer such rich diversity."

Those in the awards’ Professional categories will now compete for a $25,000 prize and the L’Iris d’Or/ Photographer of the Year title. The recipient, along with the winners of the Professional categories, overall Youth and Student winners plus the Open Photographer of the Year, who receives a $5,000 prize, will all be announced at the Sony World Photography Awards Gala Ceremony in London Thursday 21st April. All winners will receive the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony.

The winning and shortlisted images will go on show at Somerset House, London from 22nd April – 8th May and published in the 2016 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards book. To book your exhibition ticket, please visit:

The exhibition will also include the first major European exhibition of the artistic duo andfine art photographers RongRong & inri, recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award. RongRong (China) & inri (Japan) have shaped contemporary photography in Asia and are being recognised for both their careers as artists and their significant impact on Asian photography. The exhibition will include new works from their critically acclaimed series Tsumari Story.

  • Images from the shortlist are available to download at
  • If using on social media please #SWPA and tag @WorldPhotoOrg

For more information, please contact the Sony PR team at Hope&Glory PR on / 020 7566 9747


  • 230,103 images were entered in total to the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards:127,098 Professional entries; 95,541 Open entries and 7,464 Youth entries images
  • 173,444 images were entered to the 2015 awards
  • Total number of entries since launch: 1,097,012

Sony World Photography Awards forthcoming announcements

  • 1st March – Student Focus shortlist revealed
  • 15th March – National Award winners revealed (best single shot taken by a photographer of that country, 60 countries involved)
  • 29th March – Open and Youth category winners announced
  • 21st April – Professional/Open/Student/Youth Photographers of the Year announced plus Professional category winners
  • 22nd April – 8th May – exhibition at Somerset House, London

2016 JudgesThe Professional competition of the Sony World Photography Awards is judged annually by the Honorary Jury.

The Open, Youth, National Awards and Student Focus competitions are judged by separate juries of industry professionals.

Professional competition

Art Jury (Architecture, Candid, Conceptual, Landscape, Portrait, Staged and Still Life categories)

  • Sue Steward (Chair), Writer and Photography Curator, UK
  • Karen Knorr, Photographer and Professor, University for the Creative Arts, US/UK
  • Jean Jacques Naudet, Editorial Director, L’Oeil de la Photographie, France
  • Mariko Takeuchi, Photography Critic, Curator and Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japan

Documentary Jury (Campaign, Current Affairs, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Environment, People and Sport categories)

  • Dominique Green (Chair), Consultant, UK
  • Emma Lynch, Picture Editor, BBC Global News website, UK
  • Julien Jourdes, Co-Founder & Coo,, US
  • Fiona Rogers, Global Business Development Manager, Magnum Photos, UK

Open Competition

  • Jael Marschner (Chair), Former Picture Editor of Time Out and the Sunday Times Travel Magazine, UK



Photographers were invited to enter a series of between 3 and 10 images into any of the following 14 categories. Judges were asked to select up to 10 photographers for the shortlist. Photographers are listed alphabetically.


  • Petr Antonov, Russia
  • Jonathan Carvajal, Colombia
  • Werner Elmer, Austria
  • Amélie Labourdette, France
  • Paul Störm, Australia
  • Jonathan Tan, Singapore
  • Hui Zhang, China
  • Stephan Zirwes, Germany


  • Valerio Bispuri, Italy
  • Yvonne Brandwijk, Netherlands
  • Giancarlo Ceraudo, Italy
  • Liu Chengliang, China
  • Fan Li, China
  • Nick Ng, Malaysia
  • Alexandre Pruvost, France
  • Andrea Rossato, Italy
  • Kirstin Schmitt, Germany
  • Constantinos Xenoulis, Greece


  • Alejandro Beltran, Venezuela
  • Simon Brann Thorpe, United Kingdom
  • Kate Davis, United Kingdom
  • Vladimir Frumin, United States
  • Barbaros Kayan, Turkey
  • Julien Mauve, France
  • Poya Raissi, Iran
  • Lawrence Sumulong, Philippines
  • Manuel Velasquez Tobar, Honduras


  • Maoyuan Cui, China
  • Peter Franck, Germany
  • Max Knight, United Kingdom
  • Maroesjka Lavigne, Belgium
  • Aurélien Maréchal, France
  • Florian Mueller, Germany
  • James Reeve, United Kingdom
  • Stefan Schlumpf, Switzerland
  • Prakash Singh, India


  • Dmitri Beliakov, Russia
  • Marcello Bonfanti, Italy
  • Ruben Salgado Escudero, Spain
  • Fauzan Ijazah, Indonesia
  • Corinna Kern, Germany
  • Armand Tamboly, Egypt
  • Patrick Willocq, France


  • Pierre Adenis, France
  • Alberto Alicata, Italy
  • Juliette Blanchard, France
  • Kristoffer Eliassen, Norway
  • Julia Fullerton-Batten, United Kingdom
  • Dina Goldstein, Canada
  • Photographer Hal, Japan
  • Kumi Oguro, Japan
  • Oana Stoian, Romania
  • Cristina Vatielli, Italy

Still Life

  • Francesco Amorosino, Italy
  • Ilva Beretta, Sweden
  • Kiliii Fish, United States
  • Simone da Lima, Netherlands
  • Daniele Robotti, Italy
  • Julien Roubinet, France
  • Oliver Schwarzwald, Germany
  • Hiroshi Watanabe, Japan
  • Bibiana Omar Zajtai, Spain


  • Antoine Repessé, France
  • Christian Aslund, Sweden
  • David Chancellor, United Kingdom
  • Hernan Churba, Argentina
  • Giles Clarke, United Kingdom
  • Rob Gregory, United States
  • Jetmir Idrizi, Kosovo
  • Ed Kashi, United States

Contemporary Issues

  • Laura Aggio Caldon, Italy
  • Yong An He, China
  • Kevin Frayer, Canada
  • Simona Ghizzoni, Italy
  • Asghar Khamseh, Iran
  • Fan Li, China
  • Kiki Streitberger, Germany
  • Marielle Van Uitert, Netherlands

Current Affairs

  • Andrew Burton, United States
  • Gabriele Micalizzi, Italy
  • Amnon Gutman, Romania
  • Brendan Hoffman, United States
  • Jason Koxvold, United Kingdom
  • Aleksandra Kulak, Russia
  • Andrea and Magda/Neutral Grey, Italy
  • Alessandro Penso, Italy
  • Angelos Tzortzinis, Greece

Daily Life

  • Jean-Marc Caimi, Italy
  • Peter Dench, United Kingdom
  • Sandra Hoyn, Germany
  • Espen Rasmussen, Norway
  • Tiplea Remus, Romania
  • Stephanie Sinclair, United States
  • Anton Unitsyn, Russia


  • Kevin Frayer, Canada
  • Li Feng, China
  • Lucy Nicholson, United Kingdom
  • Alexander Semenov, Russia
  • Mohammed Yousef, Kuwait
  • Zhe Zhu, China


  • Alessandro D'Angelo, Italy
  • Daniel Berehulak, Australia
  • Denise Felkin, United Kingdom
  • Francesco Fratto, Italy
  • Kevin Frayer, Canada
  • Liz Hingley, United Kingdom
  • Jordi Pizarro, Spain
  • Filippo Venturi, Italy


  • Antoine Bruy , France
  • Annick Donkers, Belgium
  • Matthias Hangst, Germany
  • Michael Hanke, Czech Republic
  • Jens Juul, Denmark
  • Nikolai Linares Larsen, Denmark
  • Patrick Sinkel, Germany


Judged on a single shot and open to photographers of all abilities, judges were asked to select up to 10 shortlisted images per category.


  • Laurian Ghinitoiu, Romania
  • Radosław Goździelewski, Poland
  • Attila Balogh, Hungary
  • Javad Rooein, Iran
  • Martin Seraphin, Germany
  • Max van Son, Netherlands
  • Nils Olof Wendel, Sweden
  • Filip Wolak, Poland
  • Zoltan Kasza, Hungary

Arts and Culture

  • Kyaw Bo Bo Han, Myanmar
  • José Alberto Sotomayor Jiménez, Peru
  • Amir Hoosein Kamali, Iran
  • Swee Choo Oh, Malaysia
  • Mohammad Ponir Hossain, Bangladesh
  • MD Tanveer Rohan, Bangladesh
  • Nader Saadallah, Egypt
  • Minh Ngo Thanh, Vietnam
  • Kamil Wojtyła, Poland
  • Longxiang Xie, China


  • Nathalie Capitan, Switzerland
  • Seandel Edwards, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sang Kill Kim, South Korea
  • Luca Laghetti, Italy
  • Pedro Diaz Molins, Spain
  • Aslan Nahich, Iran
  • Dan Novak, Germany
  • Christian Spreng, Switzerland
  • Mickael Szymanski, France

Low Light

  • Theng Sin Chong, Malaysia
  • Yiorgos Doukanaris, Cyprus
  • Vincent Frascello, United States
  • Stefan Liebermann, Germany
  • Lijun Wang, China
  • Sai Aung Main, Myanmar
  • Egor Nikiforov, Russia
  • Kei Nomiyama, Japan
  • Sanghamitra Sarkar, India
  • Tino Solomon, United Kingdom

Nature and Wildlife

  • Valter Bernardeschi, Italy
  • Nick Kontostavlakis, Greece
  • Eric Madeja, Switzerland
  • Christian Massari, Italy
  • Andrey Narchuk, Russia
  • Imre Potyó, Hungary
  • Michaela Šmídová, Czech Republic
  • Simona Tedesco, Italy
  • Dennis Vandermeersch, Belgium
  • Steiner Wang, Taiwan


  • Maurizio Casula, Italy
  • Daniel Fleischhacker, Germany
  • Stefano Guerrini, Italy
  • Markus van Hauten, Germany
  • Dikky Oesin, Indonesia (shortlisted twice)
  • Christian Ringer, Germany
  • Grant Ritchie, United Kingdom
  • Claude Roy, Canada
  • Carlos F. Turienzo, Spain


  • Karolis Janulis, Lithuania
  • Elie Kauffmann, France
  • Michele Liberti, Italy
  • Borodkina Mariia, Russia
  • Alexandre Meneghini, Brazil
  • Daniel Arranz Molinero, Spain
  • Lewis Outing, United Kingdom
  • Nikunj Rathod, India
  • Marius Vieth, Germany


  • Gultekin Alkurt, Turkey
  • Atif Amin, Afghanistan
  • Jaydip Bhattacharya, India
  • Alex Ingle, United Kingdom
  • Jack Lawson, United Kingdom
  • Kajan Madrasmail, Singapore
  • Hendra Permana, Indonesia
  • MD Tanveer Rohan, Bangladesh
  • Julien Taub, France

Split Second

  • Khairel Anuar Che Ani, Malaysia
  • Chaiyot Chanyam, Thailand
  • Mark Fulinara, United States
  • Dmitry Ivanov, Russia
  • Philip Joyce, United Kingdom
  • Franck Tridon, France
  • Petra Van Borm, Belgium
  • Cheung Yin Fang, Malaysia


  • Abhijit Banerjee, India
  • Tugo Cheng, Hong Kong
  • Simone Cmoon, Switzerland
  • Ralph Gräf, Germany
  • Lesley Hall, United Kingdom
  • Nick Kontostavlakis, Greece
  • Anasuya Mandal, India
  • Adriano Neves, Portugal
  • Andrej Tarfila, Slovenia
  • Tan Jia Yi, Malaysia


Open to photographers aged 19 and under, judged by the World Photography Organisation.


  • Zhu Lin Ch'ng, Malaysia
  • Sepehr Jamshidi Fard, Iran
  • Julia Golubov, Canada
  • Anna Jolly, United Kingdom
  • Jason Liu, Canada
  • Leena Meyers, Germany
  • Ramadhan Sinclair, Malaysia
  • Zohaib Tariq, Pakistan
  • Agung Krisna Wibawa, Indonesia (shortlisted twice in this category)


  • Charlie Burr, United States
  • Giorgio Granata, Italy
  • Jiaye Li, China
  • Lake Lewis, United States
  • Kumail Rizvi, Pakistan
  • Anais Stupka, Italy
  • Michael Theodric, Indonesia
  • Ekaterina Yashchenko, Russia
  • Hongbo Zhu, China


  • Wai Lam Cheng, Hong Kong
  • Sam Delaware, United States
  • Ahmed Gaber, Egypt
  • Arno Goetz, United States
  • Thomas Hanks, United Kingdom
  • Gina Ienopoli, United States
  • Shahzad Khan, Pakistan
  • Ivana Pejak, Serbia
  • Talia Rudofsky, United Kingdom
  • Aaliyah Snider, United States


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