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Saving space in shoebox homes: Sony unveils the HT-MT300 compact sound bar, the ideal space saving solution for great sound in small living spaces

Press release   •   Jun 26, 2017 10:30 BST

Sony unveils the HT-MT300 compact sound bar, the ideal space saving solution for great sound in small living spaces

  • With 70% of the population in the world due to live in cities by 2050, living-space within capitals is decreasing*
  • The UK has some of the smallest properties in Europe, with the average sized UK home 44% smaller than in 1920, new and innovative styles are being adopted in homes
  • Working with interiors stylist Cate St. Hill, Sony has come up with key styling tips for three small living room concepts; one for families, one for couples and one for renters
  • Sony has introduced its compact sound bar – the ideal space saving solution for small living spaces; the small and stylish speaker delivers high quality sound for TV whilst requiring little space due to its compact design. The versatile subwoofer and cinematic quality sound creates the ultimate immersive living room experience and its Bluetooth connectivity means the compact sound bar can double up as a speaker system, making it the perfect piece of technology to include in a small home.

With the growing trend of urbanisation and the resulting migration of people from rural areas to cities rapidly increasing, available living space is becoming harder to find. The average sized home has decreased by 44% since 1920**, with most homes in the 1920s measuring approximately 1,647 square feet compared to a measly 732 square feet current homes measure at (or 85 square metres).

The shrinking of home size has led to minimalist and compact designs becoming increasingly popular within the home due to its functionality and simplicity. As a result, Sony has teamed up with interiors stylist Cate St Hill to create a series of styling tips for three different small living room environments: for couples, families and renters. Thus ensuring that the most likely living space scenarios are catered for.

Cate St Hill’s tips:

1.Utilise dead and awkward spaces – push furniture up against the walls to maximise every inch and raise shelving or storage units off the ground onto the walls to make the most of limited floor space. Use pull-out storage boxes on wheels under the sofa to hide away clutter.

2.Use lighter colours on the walls to make spaces appear bigger than they are. Take the same shade up onto cornicing and the ceiling to draw the eye up. Lighter floors, especially light wood or painted white, will also give a greater sense of space

3.Streamline your technology so it integrates into the look and feel of your home instead of over dominating it – the Sony compact sound bar works as a standalone music speaker as well as a surround sound experience *** for your TV, meaning you don’t need lots of different speakers and wires cluttering up corners of your space, the subwoofer can also be tucked under a sofa without any loss of sound

4.Decorate the room with a few carefully chosen accessories that are larger in scale, such as a big art print or a few large coffee table books, rather than lots of smaller pieces that will crowd the space and make it look cluttered. Likewise, choose a large rug that will extend underneath furniture rather than stopping short of it

5.Use mirrors to give the illusion of more space and bounce light around the room

6.Choose furniture with thin, slender legs rather than chunky bases – being able to see the flooring running under the furniture will add to the appearance of more space. Mount the TV and any technology on a wall or fit into built-in shelving to stop heavy units taking up much-needed floor space

7.Keep window treatments to a minimum, if you're not overlooked or worried about privacy, do away with them entirely and make the most of the natural light coming into the room. If blinds or curtains are a must, opt for a very discreet white roller blind that can be rolled up during the day for minimal impact to the room

8.Use furniture with a dual purpose that can be stored away when not in use – a shelving unit with a panel that folds out into a desk, for instance, or a collection of nest side tables to bring out as and when they’re needed

Anthony Koustelos, Head of Home, UK & Ireland at Sony commented: “As homes get smaller, technology has also been impacted. We’ve seen consumers demand more streamline products with multiple functionality. The HT-MT300 compact sound bar works as an ideal piece of tech to have in the home, the sleek, small design and great sound quality means it can take up very little space. Additionally the subwoofer of the compact sound bar, which typically takes up a lot of space, can be discreetly tucked away under your sofa, placed next to the TV or on the floor without compromising on sound quality“

“The cinematic sound quality of the compact sound bar allows consumers to enjoy immersive, virtual surround sound in the home, enhancing movie-watching experience. And, whilst the compact sound bar can enhance the sound from the TV in the home, it can also be connected to other devices via Bluetooth, doubling up as traditional speakers.”

Cate St Hill, interiors stylist said: “It’s important that we adapt our style and furnishings to fit into our changing homes. With housing getting increasingly smaller, I have found that my style has had to change somewhat. These tips provide a good starting point for those who want to create a beautiful home within their small home – whatever the situation.”

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*Stat based on information shared by the United Nations (2015)

**Stat taken from Royal Institute of British Architects stating the average home size in the UK in 1920 measured 1,647 square feet compared to 732 square feet in 2016

*** Virtual surround sound with S-Force PRO Front surround, a technology that reproduces a virtual surround acoustic field from only two front speakers

About the HT-MT300 Compact Sound Bar

Key features:

  • Compact design to fit anywhere
  • Wireless subwoofer with flexible setup
  • Sofa Mode optimises bass for discreet subwoofer placement
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity 

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