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Pure immersion: the movie theatre that’s just for you

Press release   •   Aug 31, 2011 14:31 BST

Experience something really new and exciting, not just an upgrade of what’s gone before. The “Personal 3D Viewer”, HMZ-T1 - the world’s first 3D compatible Head Mounted Display equipped with high definition OLED panel - is a wearable headset with twin OLED displays and simulated 5.1 surround sound offering a truly immersive way to enjoy movies and games in High Definition and 3D.

Step inside your movies and games with OLED screens

Lose yourself in a classic movie or become engrossed in the latest video game. The “Personal 3D Viewer” puts you there with OLED displays with high contrast, colour reproducibility and fast response capabilities. Organic panels have a super fast response time of just 0.01 milliseconds, creating a smooth, natural video for fast-moving images featured in sports or games content.

Movie magic brought to life with high definition OLED

When a film transports you half way across the universe, you’ll want to see everything in High Definition. Organic LED lights (OLEDs) deliver some of the truest, richest pictures around. Sony applied an OLED display and semiconductor silicon drive technology to develop 0.7 inch (diagonal 18.0mm), high definition OLED panel (1280 x 720). The displays use a colour separation technology to overlay a colour filter on top of the base white organic layer, delivering a broader range of colours and brighter, smoother pictures.

Take your viewing to the next level with HD 3D

Striving for the clearest, most immersive 3D picture, Sony deployed two independent OLED screens, which display HD video independently, largely eliminating cross-talk and blurring for more comfortable 3D viewing. What’s more, because the “Personal 3D Viewer” uses OLED displays, pictures are naturally bright, colours are rich and deep, and the overall picture is true to the director’s vision.

Movie theatre sound

To match the high standards set by sound engineers making the latest Hollywood blockbusters Sony adopted ‘Virtualphones Technology’. It creates an audio field that sounds like there are speakers all around you, delivering a simulated 5.1 surround sound experience. Users will be able to select from four different surround sound modes, including cinema, game, music and standard for a realistic feeling of actually being there.

A real cinema screen experience in miniature

To really replicate the cinema experience, Sony extended the horizontal viewing angle of the “Personal 3D Viewer” to 45 degrees. This simulates a real 750-inch movie theatre screen at a virtual viewing distance of 20 metres. The attached light shade enhances the feeling of immersion.

James Forrester, Category Marketing Manager for Home Video, Sony UK, says: “The Personal 3D Viewer really is a new way to experience films and games in three dimensions. Our goal was to recreate the cinema experience, in an immersive, personal headset. The clarity of sound and picture that the Personal 3D Viewer is able to deliver makes it just like a mini-cinema that’s just for you.”