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New in-car entertainment solutions from Sony

Press release   •   Jan 07, 2010 00:30 GMT

·         High resolution video and intuitive user experience with XAV-70BT & XAV-60

·         Unique portable player storage system with DSX-S100

This spring Sony is introducing two new in-car multimedia AV receivers, the Xplod XAV-70BT and XAV-60, and a new digital media player, the DSX-S100, bringing you innovative in-car entertainment solutions to match your digital lifestyle.

XAV-70BT and XAV-60

The double-DIN AV head unit XAV-70BT and XAV-60 boast a 7” and 6.1” widescreen WVGA touch screen respectively, which allows a wealth of visual entertainment and intuitive user experience right at your fingertips.  The ultra-bright WVGA offers high resolution pictures of 800 x 480 pixels, a resolution five times higher than mainstream QVGA AV centre displays.  Sony has applied its expertise in quality video to in car entertainment, by completely separating the signal circuit and power supply for video and those for audio so that there is no signal interference.

Both models feature a CD/DVD/VCD player that supports MP3/AAC/WMA audio files, DivX/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 (Simple Profile) video files and JPEG picture files.  They also sport a full-speed USB port, which gives you the freedom to connect with almost any digital music player whether it’s a WALKMAN®,iPod, iPhone or a USB memory drive.  Not only does it allow you to easily connect to a variety of devices, but it also allows you to charge and control the stored music files from the head unit.  The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is simple to make selections from the AV centre’s touch screen.  When connected to an iPod/iPhone, you can search by artist, album or song title directly on the display.

The layout of the playback screen is simple - showing a large album artwork image with the name of song, album and artist. At a touch of the screen, virtual buttons pop up for functions such as skip, shuffle, pause, etc.  You can also change the track or album by simply sliding your finger across the screen right, left, up or down.

Making your music selection even easier are the ZAPPIN™ and SensMe™ features exclusively from Sony. One touch of the “ZAP” button begins scanning and playing highlight clips of your music collection so you can catch the song that feels just right. 

Another way to play music to suit the mood is by making a selection in the “SensMe channels” or the “SensMe mood”.  Also used in WALKMAN digital media players and VAIO computers, proprietary 12 TONE ANALYSIS technology automatically sorts the music from your WALKMAN or USB stick into different types of mood (such as dance, relaxing or emotional) allowing a choice of ‘mood channels’ from your music library.  Channels such as Freeway, Morning Commute, Midnight Cruise, etc. – specific moods to driving have been added to the Xplod car stereo range.  With the XAV-70BT and XAV-60, you can choose from a total 21 different moods in the SensMe channels. Further to this, you can customise your play list by selecting a zone or area in the SensMe mood interface, where your music tracks are interspersed graphically in an axis of selectable combinations of mood, type, style and time.

For wireless music streaming and hands-free phone calls, the XAV-70BT also has an integrated Bluetooth® feature.


The Xplod DSX-S100 is a completely new car audio concept designed to match the growing trend of listening to your digital music in the car. This model was created just for digital media players, as MP3 players are often carried in place of CDs and connected to a system wherever you go.  The DSX-S100 solves the issues of unsightly wires and loose players with the “Tune Tray” – a unique system to easily connect and neatly store away your portable player.

You can neatly tuck away a USB drive, WALKMAN and any iPod or iPod Touch, and for added convenience the unit also comes complete with a dedicated USB adaptor for iPod.

The sleek detachable faceplate has a 2-line LCD display and supports MP3/AAC/WMA files, as well as featuring the easy music search ZAPPIN.  In addition, Quick BrowZer™ helps you quickly find tracks stored on your digital music players or MP3 encoded CDs.  You can search by artist, album, genre, playlist, file or folder by simply rotating the volume dial and pressing to select.

The XAV-70BT and XAV-60 are available from April, and the DSX-S100 is available from May 2010.