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New Handycam® delivers better, smoother, steadier pictures

Press release   •   Jan 07, 2014 01:00 GMT

Packed with powerful imaging technologies by Sony, Handycam® captures uncompromised Full HD video and detail-packed stills that other camcorders or your smartphone just can’t match.

The Spring 2014 line-up kicks off with the prestigious HDR-CX900E that sets new standards for Handycam® picture and sound quality in a highly compact body. It’s joined by five other models, with stand-out features like Balanced Optical SteadyShot for super-stable images, uprated projectors, simple wireless sharing and remote control from your smartphone.

Handycam® CX900E: pro-style picture performance, less to carry

It’s the last word in picture quality, sound and pro-friendly features. The flagship HDR-CX900E elevates your personal movies to new levels of creative expression, delivering the finest Handycam® experience in a feature-packed camcorder that’s refreshingly easy to use. It’s the first Handycam® equipped with a large 1.0-type Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor that resolves immense amounts of fine picture detail. You’ll enjoy exceptional image quality in every frame with extremely low noise – even if you’re shooting at dusk.

The CX900E can also record Full HD video at a very high 50 Mbps bit rate using the new XAVC S video format. Just like a professional camera, this lets ambitious movie-makers reveal the full emotion and detail in every scene, even with fast camera pans where ordinary camcorders struggle. As an extra refinement, high frame rate recording at 120 fps captures each nuance of fast-moving action like a sprinter or dancer. Enjoy beautifully smooth slow-motion replays of your edited footage at one fifth normal speed.

The camcorder’s large sensor also allows creation of exquisite background blur in conjunction with the ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* lens that features a 7-bladed aperture. Three switchable built-in ND filters cut light levels entering the camera, for movie footage with pro-style ‘bokeh’ effects without having to change shutter speed – even in bright outdoor sunshine.

The HDR-CX900E offers plenty more pro-friendly features to keep serious enthusiasts happy. There’s a bright, high-contrast OLED electronic viewfinder for framing shots with a wide angle of view. A comfortably-placed Lens Ring and Manual Dial allow fingertip control of focus, zoom, exposure, gain/ISO and shutter speed.

Smart technology for better shooting

The high-resolution Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor inside all new Handycam® models brings those precious memories to life with exquisitely detailed Full HD video and still photos.

Even faster and more powerful than before, the new-generation BIONZ X engine enhances picture detail and controls area-specific noise reduction for pristine footage and high-resolution stills. It also powers Balanced Optical SteadyShot that’s now up to 13x more effective[i] at cutting the effects of camera shake, right across the zoom range from wide angle to telephoto.

Even more new features are enabled by the high-speed processing abilities of the evolved BIONZ X engine. The zoom ratio of latest models is dramatically improved. By Pixel Super Resolution technology now boosts detail on video footage captured at up to 60x magnification[ii] with Clear Image Zoom – a first for Handycam®. And with all that processing power on tap, Handycam® can now record movies in top-quality AVCHD Full HD, simultaneously with MP4 for easy smartphone transfers and web uploads with the camcorders’ built-in NFC/Wi-Fi function. In addition, the flagship Handycam® CX900E can record high-bit rate Full HD footage at 50 Mbps using the XAVC S format, simultaneously with web-friendly MP4.

See the difference with all your memories

The in-built projector on four new Handycam® models[iii] is better than ever before. Beam big, bright images onto any handy wall or white surface to create your own impromptu cinema. It’s a great way to view the day’s adventures with mini-movie screenings while you’re travelling with no PC to hand. With a newly developed light output of 50 lumens, the Handycam® PJ810E projects clear pictures up to a 200”/5m (approx.) maximum screen size.

As a fresh refinement, electronic keystone correction[iv] squares up skewed angles if the projector isn’t pointing straight. And for extra flexibility, the projector now accepts external inputs too. Hook up your digital camera, notebook or smartphone to Handycam® and enjoy super-sized images, wherever you are.

The high-precision Xtra Fine LCD on selected models features WhiteMagic™ display technology[v] that uses additional white pixels to boost display brightness. You’ll see the difference on sunny outdoor days when it’s easier to see what’s on the camcorder screen.

After shooting, Motion Shot Video on most models[vi] creates a dramatic sequence of superimposed images to trace every split-second of the action. It’s a powerful tool for analysing your golf swing, tennis serve and other sports.

Movies sound better than ever

Pristine pictures are complemented by sumptuous Handycam® sound that adds extra polish to your videos.

Nobody wants to hear an excitable commentary from Mum or Dad on sports day. My Voice Cancelling cleverly suppresses vocal frequencies from immediately behind the camera, without affecting volume of the subject’s voice and other foreground sounds. Well-meant cheers are reduced to a whisper – letting your subject and their achievements speak for themselves.

Link wirelessly to your mobile at a touch

New to Handycam®, Wi-Fi[vii] and NFC allows wireless transfers of movie clips and photos from Handycam® to your smartphone or tablet at a single touch. Simply touching Handycam® via NFC with your mobile device also activates Smart Remote Control. Start and stop recording with your mobile via Wi-Fi – it’s ideal for group scenes or solo performances when you don’t want to run from the camcorder back into the scene once recording has started. Wi-Fi also allows wireless transfers of movies and stills for playback on your TV[viii]. Setup is easy - just download the free PlayMemories Mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

Accessories for Handycam®

The ECM-GZ1M Gun Zoom Microphone offers super-directional pickup characteristics to pinpoint voices and other sounds far from the camera. The ECM-W1M Wireless Microphone uses Bluetooth® technology to allow long-distance recording at up to 100m from the camcorder. Interactive Communication mode allows two-way conversation between camera operator and subject. Also available, the ECM-AW4 Wireless Microphone can record at distances of up to 50m. The ECM-GZ1M, ECM-W1M and ECM-AW4 are compatible with all Handycam® and camera models featuring Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe.

Compatible with the PJ530E, the VF-K46MP MC Protector safeguards the lens surface from dirt and scratches without impairing Balanced Optical SteadyShot operation. The PCK-LS35W Monitor Protect Sheet for the 3.5-type screen of the CX900E features an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating. The PCK-LS30W Monitor Protect Sheet is compatible with Handycam models with a 3.0-type screen, including the PJ810E and PJ530E.

The Spring 2014 range of Handycam® Full HD camcorders by Sony are available to pre-order now on and are generally available in the UK from February 2014.

[i] Balanced Optical SteadyShot now 13x more stable from wide to tele; Optical SteadyShot Intelligent Active mode now 13x more stable at wide angle

[ii] 60x for HDR-PJ530E, HDR-PJ330E, HDR-PJ240E and HDR-CX240E. 24x for HDR-CX900E and HDR-PJ810E

[iii] HDR-PJ810E, HDR-PJ530E, HDR-PJ330E and HDR-PJ240E

[iv] HDR-PJ810E only

[v] HDR-PJ810E only

[vi] Not HDR-CX900E

[vii] not HDR-CX240E or HDR-PJ240E

[viii] DNLA renderer compatible TV and access point are required. Not compatible with XAVC S format