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Music to everyone’s ears: Sony’s new headphones range takes design and performance to the next level

Press release   •   Mar 04, 2008 00:00 GMT

4th March 2008 - Sony draws on more than 60 years of audio innovation to create its most technically advanced, audaciously styled headphones line-up yet.

Appealing to audio purists who demand ultimate performance from a compact in-ear design, the MDR-EX700LP fuses advanced materials and innovative design for ultimate sound quality when you’re on the move.

For music lovers who rate looks as highly as audio quality, the new MDR-AS Active Series is designed to keep up with today’s urban lifestyles without breaking into a sweat.

A radical departure from conventional headphone designs, the PFR-V1 is a wearable speaker system that recreates the ‘open’ soundstage of a concert hall.

MDR-EX700LP In-ear Headphones

  • 16mm driver unit: largest of any in-ear headphone design
  • Innovative vertical driver orientation
  • Newly developed multi-layer diaphragm for greater stiffness and to eliminate distortion
  • Comfort fit design supplied with seven sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds

A genuine breakthrough in in-ear headphone design, the MDR-EX700LP teams the largest driver in its class with a unique multi-layered diaphragm to ensure the richest, most faithful sound reproduction.

Its unique design features a newly developed 16mm driver unit – currently the largest of any earbud headphone. This innovative design provides high sensitivity with improved dynamic range and an extended low frequency response.

To ensure enhanced wearing comfort, the super-size driver features a new vertical in-ear design that turns the driver on its side. The re-orientated driver unit is supported by a strong, thin magnesium housing that prevents vibration.

The extra-large driver unit is complemented by Sony’s newly developed unique multi-layered diaphragm made of ultra thin and strong materials. This advanced design ensures extremely high stiffness for minimised resonance with limited sound colouration and an improved high frequency response.

Also newly developed for the MDR-EX700LP, a high-performance hybrid silicone earbud features a new shape for secure wear with both improved sound isolation and reduced sound leakage. The super-soft silicone earbud is integrated with a rigid silicone canal that resists deformation during wear prevents sound escaping from the driver. Seven different sizes of earbud are supplied as standard, ensuring a secure, custom fit for every wearer. The MDR-EX700LP also comes supplied with a premium leather carry case.

Also available, the sleekly-styled MDR-EX75SL earbud headphones offer a wide, natural frequency response and excellent sensitivity plus comfortable wear. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy superb audio while they’re on the move.

MDR-AS (Active Series)

  • Tough, flexible construction with secure ear fit for active lifestyles
  • Cutting-edge styling with contemporary anodised finish
  • Practical performance features and rugged construction for extreme use
  • High quality audio

The perfect partner for sports, gym visits or simply tuning out during the daily commute, new Active Series headphones blend chic urban looks with great sound thanks to the impressive 13.5mm driver unit.

Designed to stay securely on the ears during any activity, the five Active Series models share premium styling that’s accentuated by an eye-catching aluminium finish and anodised detailing.

The flagship MDR-AS100W features an ultra-lightweight, secure-fit design that’s ideal for anyone - whether they are running to get fit or just to catch a train. Other exercise-friendly features include an innovative shock absorbing system and moisture guard mechanism. The single-sided cord is ergonomically positioned to prevent tangles while you’re in motion. There’s also a practical 60cm short cord solution that allows convenient attachment to an armband-mounted WALKMAN or personal music player.

Competitively priced as the ideal upgrade for your personal audio player’s supplied headphones, the MDR-AS40EX features a secure behind-ear clip in 3 sizes to suit any ear. The clip detaches in an instant, converting the headphone to a simple in-ear design. Like the range-topping MDR-AS100W it features a 60 cm short cord solution for arm-band use that can be converted to standard length with the supplied 60cm extension cord.

PFR-V1 Personal Field Speakers

  • Open design headphones with audiophile grade front facing speakers
  • Separate bass reflex duct for natural, extended low frequency response
  • Full, open sound with minimal external leakage
  • Comfortable to wear design reduces ear pressure during extended wear

Delivering the ultimate ‘in the action’ listening experience, the PFR-V1 is a wearable speaker system that delivers audiophile sound reproduction with a supremely open, natural soundstage. Developed by Sony’s loudspeaker engineering team, the PFR-V1 is ideal for hi-fi, PlayStationTM and home cinema experiences that demand an immersive listening environment with powerful, uncompromised sound.

Compact, light and easy to wear for extended periods, the PFR-V1 presents a radical departure from conventional designs.

Mid and high-range frequencies are delivered by a pair of spherical driver units that are positioned directly facing the ear. This creates an open soundstage – just like listening to full-size loudspeakers rather than enclosed drivers that cut off the listener from the room’s natural ambience. Despite the ‘open’ design, external sound leakage is minimised due to the speakers’ proximity to the ears. Low frequencies are delivered directly to the ears by a newly developed extended reflex duct that provides a lossless bass effect. A supplied active sound booster allows switchable control of volume levels for even more powerful, dynamic sound.


All models are available to order early April at

Environmental Info

Sony is engaged in a constant review of its manufacturing, operational and business practices to ensure that its products are developed in an environmentally responsible way. This approach can broadly be divided into three areas:

PRODUCT: Extended user documentation is provided electronically to reduce paper use.

PROCESS: The packaging uses recyclable paper to reduce the impact on the environment

PLANET: Sony is determined to lead the way as a responsible manufacturer, and as a result we are focussing on three key areas of investment:

  1. Reducing CO2 gas emissions
  2. Increasing the percentage of renewable energy used in manufacturing facilities
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