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Master blaster: SRS-DB500 2.1ch PC speakers with S-Master Full Digital amplifier technology for incredible power and ultimate bass

Press release   •   Sep 02, 2009 16:30 BST

It’s game over for other PC speaker systems. If you’re looking for seismic bass and a rich, high-quality soundtrack for your movie, music and gaming sessions, the SRS-DB500 blows other PC speakers off the stage.

The SRS-DB500 is a high-performance 2.1ch PC speaker system that packs no less than 300W output power via a 150W subwoofer and 2x75W satellite speakers.

Known as ‘MU-TE-KI’ – meaning ‘invincible’ in Japanese– it’s the perfect companion for serious gamers and movie buffs who demand a monster soundtrack to accompany the on-screen action. Massive output power and richly-detailed sound reproduction also makes the stunningly-styled system ideal for pumping out party sounds from your MP3 or CD player.

Output power totals an incredible 300W – more than enough for blasting bass that you’ll really feel.

Low-end frequencies are handled by a 150W bass reflex system, with a long-stroke 160mm driver and powerful magnet that effortlessly pushes massive amounts of air. Mids and highs are delivered crisply and clearly by two compact satellite speakers, each delivering 75W.

Sound quality is impressively detailed and commanding to enhance your favourite games, MP3 music tracks and movies. Key to the system’s awesome sonic performance is Sony-developed S-Master digital amplifier technology that also features in BRAVIA™, VAIO®, Hi-Fi systems, Walkman® and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

This all-digital amplifier technology authentically recreates the sound of the original source without the inaccuracies of analogue-to-digital signal conversion. It is also highly efficient, reducing power consumption by up to 85% compared with conventional analogue amplifers.

As an extra touch, the bass cabinet features a built-in ‘Deco’ lighting effect with three different illumination modes to choose from to bring a splash of colourful fun to movies, games and music.

There is a wireless remote commander for adjustment of volume, bass and treble, muting function, change audio source and lighting effect modes, enabling fingertip control during intense gaming sessions.
Regardless of whether you are connecting the SRS-DB500 to your gaming console, PC or television, the supplied RCA/stereo mini jack cable makes it easy to connect your device.

The SRS-DB500 ‘MU-TE-KI’ high-power 2.1ch PC speaker system is available now.