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Cycle Energy Blue: Advanced Rechargeable Battery Technology That’s Economical And Kind To The Environment

Press release   •   Oct 15, 2008 10:00 BST

Cycle Energy Blue is Sony’s groundbreaking new rechargeable battery technology that offers an environmentally friendly power solution for all kinds of devices. Conventional rechargeable batteries lose energy over time and are unsuitable for low drain appliances like remote controls, clocks and wireless keyboards and mice. Cycle Energy Blue holds its charge far better, so when you buy them they are ready to use and multi-purpose, just like ordinary alkaline batteries, and they can power anything you’d normally use a disposable battery for.

With AA, AAA sizes as well as C and D adapters available, this covers a huge range of things, from power-hungry digital cameras, games consoles and battery-eating toys to all those remotes in the living room. Each Cycle Energy Blue battery can be recharged up to 1000 times – so that’s 1000 disposable batteries you didn’t use, and that didn’t end up potentially harming the environment as waste.

“It’s a genuine pleasure to be involved with something like this,” says Virginie Vovard, Manager, Sony Media & Peripherals Europe. “That’s because Cycle Energy Blue really is an ‘eco’ product – it’s economical and it’s ecologically kind, which is a win-win situation for our customers. Stop buying expensive and polluting disposables, save yourself money and avoid polluting the environment. That’s why we say Cycle Energy Blue is like disposable batteries – just 1000 times better.”

To emphasise the environmental benefits of Cycle Energy Blue, special promotional packs will go on sale on October 15 containing the charger unit, batteries and a seed kit for growing an attractive potted house plant.

The charger itself is versatile enough to charge AA and AAA batteries at the same time, and features both voltage monitoring for safe charging and an automatic timer to prevent accidental over-charging. For complete convenience when travelling, the lightweight 100g unit is designed for use worldwide, with 100 – 240V mains compatibility.

Thanks to Cycle Energy Blue, the end is in sight for expensive, potentially polluting alkaline batteries.