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Big screen, big battery life: new NWZ-A820 series WALKMAN® video MP3 Players with Bluetooth® Stereo

Press release   •   Feb 20, 2008 00:00 GMT

  • Clear, bright 2.4-inch QVGA screen for high quality video playback
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless music enjoyment
  • Supplied 13.5mm EX headphones plus DSEE, Clear Bass and Clear Stereo technologies for superior sound
  • Up to 16GB storage capacity and long battery life
  • Easy file transfers

Weybridge, 20th February 2008 - Sony expands the innovative WALKMAN® family of digital media players with the easy-to-use NWZ-A820 series of WALKMAN® video MP3 players. Delivering superb audio and video quality, it’s packed with advanced WALKMAN® features, extra-long battery life, a large 2.4-inch screen and quick connection by Bluetooth® stereo to enhance today’s digital lifestyles.

Slim, light and beautifully styled, the NWZ-A820 series is offered in a choice of four colour variations (black, silver, gold, and pink). Three storage sizes are available. The NWZ-A829 (16GB) can store an incredible 62 hours1 of video plus sound or 3,800 songs2. The NWZ-A828 (8GB) boosts this to 30 hours 40 mins1 of video/audio or 1,850 songs2. The NWZ-A826 (4GB) can store up to 15 hours1 of video or 925 songs2.

The NWZ-A820 series lets you enjoy your personal media collection on the move for longer. Generous battery life allows up to 10 hours3 of video playback or 36 hours4 of uninterrupted music playback. Even with Bluetooth® stereo enabled, playback stretches to 7 hours of video or 15 hours of music.

The clear, bright 2.4-inch QVGA screen on all models supports super-smooth video playback at up to 30 frames per second with excellent contrast and colour reproduction. For extra flexibility, videos and photos can be viewed in any screen orientation (left, vertical, right) to suit personal tastes. Photo collections can also be viewed as slideshows accompanied by your chosen music track.

Support for Bluetooth® stereo opens up an exciting world of wireless connectivity options to enhance your enjoyment of digital media on the move. The NWZ-A820 series can stream audio files and track/artist data through a Bluetooth® stereo enabled micro hi-fi such as the Sony CMT-HX70BTR and CMT-HX50BTR.

If you’re out and about, it’s easy to enjoy a high-quality digital music experience via your Bluetooth® headphones such as the Sony DR-BT50 or a Bluetooth® in-car head unit like the Sony MEX-BT5100. A conveniently placed button on the side of the player allows one-touch connection to other Bluetooth® devices.

In common with all WALKMAN® models, the NWZ-A820 series supports a broad range of media formats. These include security-enhanced Windows Media Audio (WMA), copyright-free AAC, MP3 and Linear PCM music formats, plus JPEG files for photos. High quality video codecs support playback of AVC (H.264/AVC) Baseline Profile and MPEG-4 video files.

The NWZ-A820 series is perfect for enjoying your personal media collection as well as podcasts and video content downloaded from sharing sites on the web.

Certified for Windows Vista, the new range also carries Microsoft’s ‘PlaysForSure’ logo, indicating compatibility with a wide range of certified online content providers. It’s easy to transfer files from a connected PC to the NWZ-A820 series via Windows Media Player 11, simple drag-and-drop file management or using supplied Sony Media Manager for WALKMAN® software.

“We are continuing to add products to our WALKMAN® portfolio that offer customers the flexibility and freedom to choose how they download and manage their digital music content, which only open standards can provide”, said Paul Gyles, Strategic Product Manager for Audio Marketing at Sony Europe. “And now with added Bluetooth® compatibility in the NWZ-A820 series, it’s never been easier to enjoy your music on the go, without the hassle of wires.”

Superior sound of WALKMAN® is assured by four ‘Clear Audio’ Technologies. The supplied 13.5mm EX headphones feature extra-large driver units for dynamic playback with extended frequency response and solid, powerful bass. The Sony-developed Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores high frequencies that are degraded by audio compression for more natural sound that’s closer to the original source. Clear Stereo prevents audio signals from leaking between left and right channels, resulting in a cleaner, more widely separated stereo soundstage. Furthermore, Clear Bass strengthens low frequency reproduction without adding distortion that conventional equalizers can impose on the signal. Even richer audio is provided by a choice of effect settings including a 5-Band Equalizer, VPT Acoustic Engine and Dynamic Normalizer.

While it’s packed with advanced features, the NWZ-A820 series is easy to use with an intuitive on-screen menu plus improved play and search functions. Super-quick scrolling makes it easy to search for the right track when you’re in a hurry.


The WALKMAN® NWZ-A820 series [NWZ-A826 (4GB), NWZ-A828 (8GB) and NWZ-A829 (16GB)] is available from April 2008. It is available to pre-order now at

Two further models are also available. The NWZ-A826K (4GB) and NWZ-A828K (8GB) come supplied with Sony’s DR-BT21G Bluetooth® headphones to create a truly ‘Wireless WALKMAN’ package for the ultimate in high quality, wire-free listening on the move. For even greater flexibility, the headphones can also be used with mobile phones and other Bluetooth® compatible devices for a wider choice of wireless listening experiences.

1 Approximate video recording time at 384 kbps / audio 128 kbps.

2 4 minute song recorded at 128 kbps.

3 10hrs of video playback with Bluetooth® stereo switched off. 7hrs of playback with Bluetooth® stereo on. 10hrs (or 7hrs) of video playback are approximated in MPEG-4 384 kbps and when the brightness of the common setting is set to "3".

4 36hrs of music playback with Bluetooth® stereo switched off. 15hrs of music playback with Bluetooth® stereo on. 36hours (or 15 hours) of music playback times are approximate in MP3 128kbps and when all of the Equalizer and the VPT are set to "None", all of the DSEE, Clear Stereo, Dynamic Normalizer and the new song pop up are set to “Off,” and screensaver type is set to "Blank".

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Environmental Info

Sony is engaged in a constant review of its manufacturing, operational and business practices to ensure that its products are developed in an environmentally responsible way. This approach can broadly be divided into three areas:


  • NWZ-A820 series has longer battery life than previous (A810) models. This leads to less battery charging timings compared to the previous models due to lower power consumption


  • Extended user documentation is provided electronically to reduce paper use.
  • The packaging uses recyclable paper to reduce the impact on the environment

PLANET: Sony is determined to lead the way as a responsible manufacturer, and as a result we are focussing on three key areas of investment:

  1. Reducing CO2 gas emissions
  2. Increasing the percentage of renewable energy used in manufacturing facilities
  3. Minimising the resources used by our factories in manufacturing