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Behind the scenes with the athletes training for this year’s icy ‘Rail Jam’ at Freeze Festival

Press release   •   Nov 27, 2013 12:24 GMT

Take a ride with Julian ahead of Freeze’s new, ‘Hail the Rail’ competition, where leading sports athletes plan to excite the crowds with spectacular stunts on the icy ‘rail jam’.

29 year old Julian Ball is the World Monoski Champion and winner of the British Slopestyle. With over two decades experience and his infamous cork 720 Truck Driver, his presence at this Freeze Festival 2013 is eagerly awaited. Let’s see if Julian can swap his third for a first, on Sat 30th November.

Julian comments: “Freeze Festival is going to be crazy this year, I’m competing in the International Rail Jam and expect some extreme competition. The Sony Action Cam has been an awesome help, recording the tricks I have been practicing and watching my form back is the best way to coach yourself.”

Courtesy of the new Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V, see Julian practice his 360s, backflips and slides, on blur-free Full HD video and freeze frame key moments with one of the camera’s great functions, SteadyShot™.

Now, 35% lighter and 25% smaller, Julian wears the Sony Action Cam whilst riding, for the ultimate front row viewing experience.

To view Julian in action please visit: